Started around 2018 with a small concept in the town of Ichalkaranji, ASH Arts is now ready to take BIG leap towards its next phase. Taking inspiration from the rich Indian traditional heritage and tying same with modern state of the art concepts, ASH Arts offers designs that are unique and beautiful, both at same time.


Shweta Heda

About Shweta: There is a famous quote in English - "Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms". It gets proved again if we see the journey of Shweta - the Proprietrix of ASH Arts. Born to a mother who can still amaze everyone with the cloth painting & drawing skills at her age of 70; Art really runs for Shweta in the blood.

But the life took her from more different corridors as well, which made her a successful marketing professional in consumer goods for 3 years, a successful Banking officer for another 4 years and a home maker & mother for another couple of years. However, ASH Arts was always there. It was present in vocational projects in households and some hobby projects for friends.

However, real work started around 2019 when first project in Mandala Arts was done in Ichalkaranji. Work flourished more for her in 2020 and not only it became the most fruitful activity but also a process for meditation. Today also the time literally flies off when she gets engrossed in her work and every time comes up with amazing precision & quality. Recently, With ASH Arts, Shweta aims to grow not only as a business venture but also as an avenue to find herself more and realize the full potential on the path of Arts which connects things across location, language & cultures. You are most welcome to visit the website and go through some of the creations. And if they interest you, ASH Arts will be always happy to help!